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Letter from Director:

I dreamt of being a doctor not just to earn money but to do something for the society, to help humanity, to bring smiles on their faces, to help them to live a life of their dreams, where I can get the satisfaction of being an indirect partner in their happiness.

My first international paper was presented in 1984 in New Delhi, next one was at Amsterdam, in 1988, and thereafter in different cities of the world.

I have attended arsenic camps in West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Jharkhand etc. I have seen the plight of the people. I have seen and experienced the pangs of poverty. I ask myself "Can, I do anything for them?"

With high hopes I intended to start "Institute of Dermatology and Allied Sciences" within IPGMER & SSKM Hospital which was proceeding slowly and steadily but then I retired.

God is merciful. He has sent Mr. Biman Das, a successful Entrepreneur in his own rights, who, having a similar ideal, agreed to partner in this mission of helping humanity and thus Institute of Cosmetic Dermatology& Laser Centre was born.

Let me take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all, for your spontaneous cooperation in this endeavor. Your cooperation will make this grow big and strong. Let us work towards success and happiness.

Prof. Rathindra Nath Dutta
Our Setup:
Present Programme:

Corporate Social Responsibility:


Institute of Cosmetic Dermatology& Laser Centre is extremely alive to its responsibilities towards the society. Therefore as a part of its corporate social responsibility Institute of Cosmetic Dermatology& Laser Centre has decided to take initiative in the form of the following

  • 10% of the beds will be reserved for poor patients.
  • 10% discount to be given to senior citizens on doctors' OPD fees.
  • As a part of social dermatology to create awareness we shall dissiminate scientific knowledge i.e educate patients of signs & symptoms and how to deal with the illness, to the community.
  • We shall conduct studies and research through services and other methods at different strategic locations on the prevalent and socially significant diseases with an aim to formulate strategies for its control and management.
  • Health camps /skin camps to be conducted in various parts of the state.

Social Dermatology and Counseling Team:


Diagnosis and treatment is part of a disease which is being popularly used by doctors. The most important part which is mostly neglected in the comprehensive management of a disease is in treating the psychological aspect of the patient which is not uncommon among patients suffering from skin and allied diseases.

Though neglected by most healthcare service providers, we at Institute of Cosmetic Dermatology& Laser Centre have a team of social scientists who will look into this aspect and counsel not only the patients but their family members and other relevant people connected to the patients.

  • We will have different self help groups for the patients with a particular disease who will meet together to discuss amongst themselves, learn more about the particular disease from the concerned doctor, act as a peer group and work together in fighting the disease.
  • This unique approach to social dermatology is probably the first of its kind in the country. This system will not only create awareness amongst the people , but will give the confidence to improve the quality of their life.
  • Through social dermatology unit we will undertake awareness campaigns of different prevalent diseases at strategic locations so that we can ventilate the scientific understanding of the common preventable diseases amongst people of the area.
  • We will conduct surveys on the common and non common diseases connected to our specialty along with dermatological data which we can analyze and formulate strategies in combating diseases which are common to a particular geographic location.
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